Need advice for second-hand cogeneration units

  • Hello,

    please forgive this post in English, but my German is terrible (i use translation software to read this forum).

    I am french leaving in a farm in the Netherlands close to Germany (in Veendam) not far from Papenburg.

    I am looking for a german company who can installed second hand cogeneration units (i was thinking to get first two Dachs Senertec working on citygas/"erdgas", and later get more units, it is a big farm), and can also do the maintenance later.

    thanks in advance for your help


  • Well , i think, thats a problem.
    German installation companies won't install foreing materials. They work whit their own material.
    I don't know that the Dachs is abled to be installed in the netherlands. The Gastype /-Pressure in the Neterlands is diffrent.

  • thanks for your answer.

    i would like to go through a German company, as Bhkw are much more common in Germany than in the Netherlands. At least for small units.

    What i like with the Dachs Sernertec, is the big choice and price of second hand units, they seemed quite reliable too.

    The company RMB, is not so far, i will go there and ask some advice and their price list.