How to upload bootloader on Sunmachine Wechselrichter?

  • Dear sunmachine frinds!

    I m comming from Slovenia and I have Sunmachine Pellet CHP unit. I have a problem with "Wechselrichter", while I couldn t upload all 4 BOOT (Basis, Heizung, Start, Display) and on the end also Firmware. For the the Display boot I use MemTool from Infineon and it is great and simple. Now I have to upload also boots Basis, Heizung, Start - for that boots you have to use software MemFlash, which I have it, too but it doesn t work!?
    Now I m asking you, Sunmachine friends do you have any experinences with those uoploads, do you have any good ideas or do you have working MemFlash to share,...
    For all your advices and help I m very grateful in advance, while my SM is for that out of order since june 2010!?

    Warm regards from Ljubljana

  • Thanks for the info. I know that site. I tried many times to sign up on that forum, but without success, while I can't get the code for sign up in that forum, I don't know what is wrong with that site. I also send a mail to the admininstrator, but withou answer, so... :thumbup:

  • Hi, finaly I uploaded firmware on my SM and it is work fine, after 2 years.
    My next question is do you know how to connect my SM on I would realy like to look my SM on portal. The "Registrirung" does not work! Do you have a mail of site owner, probably is ovner of SM "Live"!? Do you know which hardware do I need to connect SM on router from RS 232 to ... ? :?:

    THX for your help